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Peri Plan Vitality

My Peri Plan Vitality is a comprehensive “wholeness” health coaching program geared towards women in their perimenopause years, who are dealing with pain, chronic health issues, and /or a general lack of wellness.  Perimenopause is a time of deep change in women’s bodies and it is also a time of tremendous opportunity for women to take charge of their health and begin thriving. 


Developing a sustainable plan of action towards improved health is multi-faceted and must take into account the effect hormonal fluctuations have on women's bodies during this stage. The rise and fall of progesterone and estrogen during perimenopause is far-reaching and can be a source of endless frustration (who, me?!). And then we layer on the stress of constant juggling kids, aging parents, careers, maintaining a household,  etc.....etc.....etc...      

How DO we do it?!


We do, but often our health is neglected and duly suffers. My Peri Plan Vitality offers you the multi-faceted coaching and support you need to fully address your health and wellness needs in a way that is tailored to and sustainable to YOU!


Peri Plan Vitality includes:

  • Focus on general health and well being

  • Tackle sleep and digestive issues

  • Nutritional analysis and recommendations

  • Lifestyle management for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Stress management

  • Get started on a consistent exercise program that you enjoy and want to stick to!

Also Included:

              A recorded 60-minute individualized yoga class tailored to YOUR  specific needs that is yours to keep!*

* With the purchase of any coaching package.

Additional sessions can be purchased by coaching package clients at a discounted rate ($65/hr). 

Yoga at Home
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