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Peri Plan PT

Perimenopause brings about its own set of challenges as hormonal fluctuations affect nearly every aspect of life including pain and inflammatory responses. 

Women in perimenopause need individualized care which acknowledges and addresses these changes and how they affect the whole person. Most traditional physical therapy models do not do this and I believe this leads to incomplete and often unsuccessful care which leaves women short-changed and disappointed by their lack of progress. 

My Peri Plan PT aims to empower women to regain control of their healing through individualized care focusing on the complete picture, not just the diagnosis, pain, or body part. At My Peri Plan, you will be heard and you will participate in the development of your treatment plan.  My Peri Plan PT  helps you heal from the inside out and teaches you how to maintain those gains in a sustainable way for long-term success. 


Peri Plan PT 

  • Incorporates everything in Peri Plan Vitality with the addition of treatment and consultation for those dealing with 

    • women's health ( pelvic dysfunction, incontinence, constipation, etc) conditions

    • chronic neurological disorder 

    • chronic pain

  • May require a prescription from your doctor and is only available in the following states (due to license requirements): CA, NY, MT, WA. 

+Included with all Peri Plans:+

  • 2 15-min phone consultation check-ins

  • 60 minute individualized yoga class that is recorded and yours to keep!*

*This session is used as 1 session in the package. Additional sessions can be purchased separately at a discounted rate($85/hr). 

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