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The information provided by Elaine Mele, PT, DPT, PYT (“we”, “us”, “our”) on (the “Site”) is for informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith. Although we do our best to ensure accuracy, research and health information is a constantly changing entity and we make no claims to certify or warranty of any kind, implied or expressed, regarding the accuracy, reliability, validity, or completeness of any information provided on the Site. Any information, suggestions or advice provided does not substitute, take the place of a direct evaluation, treatment and advice from an appropriately licensed medical provider, based on your individual needs and health issues. Elaine holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT), which is NOT a medical degree and does not equate or substitute in any way for a trained and licensed medical doctor (MD). If you have any concerns or questions about the advice you receive either directly from us or our Site, you should direct them to the appropriate licensed medical provider. If you rely or use any of the advice, information provided by the Site, you do so at your own risk.

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