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My Peri Plan is a comprehensive “wholeness” program geared towards women in their perimenopause years (that can be anywhere from 35 - 50, folks!), who are dealing with pain, chronic health issues, or a general lack of wellness.  Perimenopause is a time of deep change in women’s bodies and it is too often overshadowed by its looming big sister, Menopause. Perimenopause can last anywhere from 6 months to 15 years and changes happen across the board….  Symptoms can include:


Brain fog

Poor sleep

Decreased tolerance to stress, 

Hormones fluctuations causing moodiness (and more brain fog!) 

Weight gain (aka "menopause belly")

Urinary incontinence 

Decreased libido

Digestive issues …….

These can all influence how our bodies respond to stress, illness, and pain. 


Which can be very different compared to the physiologic responses occurring in our younger years. 


Good times, right?! Well, we here believe perimenopause can be a time of tremendous opportunity. At this age we are more settled into our lives, careers, families...hopefully with a little less daily chaos than in our 20s and early 30s (😅). This can be THE time for women to finally take a good hard look at their health, habits and feelings about our human form and start to invest the necessary time and energy focusing on ourselves and the future of our health. 

This is not about "how to lose 40lbs in 3 days" (and then gain it back when you return to your normal habits) nor is it to recommend a trove of supplements to solve your every problem. My Peri Plan is about comprehensively looking at your health and well-being and creating a SUSTAINABLE and SUCCESSFUL  plan.


It’s a time to be PROactive, not REactive!


How do you want to live the next half of your life?

How do you want to enter the post-menopausal years? 


How about  strong,  vibrant and happy??   

My Peri Plan (here) includes an analysis of your current areas of concern such as diet, nutritional profile, eating and exercise habits, overall stress level, and how you. manage it (or don't manage it!). Our coaches work with you to develop an individualized road map that can include personalized yoga and/or movement programs,  tailored mindfulness activities, meditations and stress management, recommendations on food choices and supplementation, long-term planning for chronic illness, symptom management and education of how to begin and sustain healthy habits.  Should you have specific concerns related to chronic pain, injury or Women's Health concerns such as pelvic pain and incontinence then My Peri Plan PT, which gives you access to our resident Physical Therapist is for you. Find out more here.


Let's get to it! 

Choose a customized program that best suits your stage, age, and rage. (We’ve all been there...) 

Schedule your free 15 min consulatation here

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